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Thursday, February 14, 2013

GTA IV Registry Repair Tool

 Some time with various reasons the registry values of game corrupted or deleted, And game not start. Reasons such as..

- If we install game in different drive and
- Reinstall operating system
- Restore drive from backup
- Rename game folder
- Move game folder in any other location

In such type of cases some user whose dot know that how to solve it, they decide to reinstall game. To reinstall game it will too much wastage of time.
Grand Theft Auto Registry Repair allow you to repair registery values.With Grand Theft Auto Registry Repair you can easily repair and add new values into registry, even if you do not know anything about registry. This supports two games:

- Grand Theft Auto IV
- Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City


For more information about this application click here
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  1. Sorry the previous link for Download was not working. Now I've fixed it. You can download it :)

  2. thank you manii


  3. not opening
    nothing happens when opening :( plz help

    1. Which Windows You're using..? Is it's process shows in task manager..?

  4. "GTA Re.... has encountered a problem and needs to close. we r sorry for the inconvenience"